Michele Migliore

Research Director

D.Phil. in Physics (1980, Summa cum Laude, University of Palermo, Italy). Director of the Palermo Section of the Institute of Biophysics (National Research Council, Italy, 2015-2017), Visiting Professor of Cybernetics at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Palermo (Italy), Visiting Professor of Computational Neuroscience at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Italy), and Visiting Scientist at the Department of Neuroscience of the Yale University School of Medicine (New Haven, USA). His lab is involved in modelling realistic neurons and networks, synaptic integration processes, and plasticity mechanisms. The main long-term goal is to understand the emergence of higher brain functions and dysfunctions from cellular processes, implementing new tools and using state of the art simulation environments on different supercomputer systems.

+39 091 6809 315
michele.migliore [at] cnr.it

Alessia Bonafede

Business Manager

Within the Human Brain Project I am Administrative contact and Communication Representative for CNR.

+39 091 6809 304
alessia.bonafede [at] ibf.cnr.it

Carmen Alina Lupascu

Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD in Computer Science from University of Palermo (2010). My main research interests are in image analysis, indoor localization, and computational modelling using the NEURON-Python environment. Within the Human Brain Project (HBP), I am involved in developing computational models and tools to study subcellular synaptic transmission pathways and techniques for parameters optimization on parallel supercomputers. A list of my publications can be found here.

+39 091 6809 604
carmen.lupascu [at] ibf.cnr.it

Rosanna Migliore

Research Scientist

PhD in Theoretical Physics at the University of Palermo in 2004. Until 2010, my research interests were focused on superconducting mesoscopic devices interacting with quantized electromagnetic fields.
Currently my main field of interest is computational neuroscience, with focus on detailed modeling of neurons and small networks (mainly from hippocampus), effects of dendritic ionic channels on firing properties and synaptic integration, kinetic models of synaptic transmission and plasticity. A list of my publications can be found here.

+39 091 6809 604
rosanna.migliore [at] cnr.it

Luca Leonardo Bologna

First Technologist

PhD in Neuro-engineering at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT, Genoa), investigating in-vitro cortical cultures behaviour through both an experimental and modelling approach. During a post-doctoral period at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC, Paris), I studied information neurotransmission in the somatosensory system via a neuromimetic software architecture.
Within the HBP, I am involved in the design and implementation of the EBRAINS Cellular Level Simulation interactive workflows and use cases, developing web applications and software tools for data analysis and computational modelling.
A list of my publications can be found here.

+39 091 6809 339
lucaleonardo.bologna [at] cnr.it

Paola Vitale

Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD in Chemistry from University of Palermo in 2014. Since my graduation, my research interest was focused on supramolecular chemistry. In particular, I studied self-assemby processes involved by organic salts leading to gel phase formation, molecular recognition processes and ionic liquids organi-zation. Currently, my research field is computational neuroscience. Within the Human Brain Project I am involved in implementing data-driven subcellular models of the biochemical pathways involved in synaptic plasticity and single neuron models, mainly from hippocampus region, under both physiolog-ical and pathological conditions. A list of my publications can be found here.

+39 091 6809 301
poala.vitale [at] ibf.cnr.it

Elisabetta Giacalone

Postdoctoral Researcher

Master’s Degree in Applied Physics at the University of Bologna, Alma Mater Studiorum, in 2017. The thesis work was focused on a graph-based analysis of the brain structural connectivity using Diffusion-Weighted magnetic resonance Imaging (DWI). Within the Human Brain Project (HBP) I am involved in developing biophysically and morphologically accurate computational models of neurons using the NEURON-Python environment on parallel supercomputers, and in the analysis of the information processing in the hippocampus using the HBP cellular level model circuit.

+39 091 6809 398
elisabetta.giacalone [at] ibf.cnr.it

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